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叫 Shirley,全職教授普通話,來自中國東北黑龍江,普通話是我的母語,國家語委水平測試90.8分。

My name is Shirley , full time Mandarin tutor and I come from Heilongjiang in the northeastern part of China. PTH is my mother tongue and my National Language Testing Level score is 90.8(PSC).


I have been residing in Hong Kong for many years and can speak Cantonese fluently and good English . I have been teaching children and adults PTH since 2003, non-Chinese and Chinese alike.


Because of the global PTH boom in recent years, there are more children learning PTH in early age,to my surprise the children at age of  2-3 years can learn PTH very fast and can converse fluently.


My scope of teaching includes:


      Teaching PTH to 0-12 year-old children through games, nursery songs, crafts and  origami. I teach students according to their level and abilities and let the children learn                                             

       through fun and laughter.


     Coaching young students in PTH - through storytelling, Pinyin, composition,poems, idioms and Chinese calligraphy.


      Teaching conversational PTH and Chinese culture to adults who are in business.

4, 輔導學生參加國家語委普通話水平測試。

       Preparing students to sit for the National Language Test(PSC) in Putonghua.


      Teaching  non-Chinese people  PTH.


Sharing my experience,


Learning a language must start from a young age, this way it will be easier for the learner to speak naturally and fluently.


The basis of learning a language is to learn through identifying objects, words and listening to stories.


If the children can develop a good habit in reading books at an early age, they will find happiness in the learning process.Then learning will become an enjoyment and not a burden anymore.


From my long teaching  experience with children , I have found out that the earlier they start to learn, more patience and enthusiasm they will have;


Whereas adults who are in business have the desire to learn but they may be past the age of learning a language,besides adults have to deal with the stress at work and taking care of the daily necessities. It takes more effort for them to acquire the language than it does for children.


So if you could start today, please do it immediately and do not wait for tomorrow.


I have patience and can teach sysytematically. Having worked in Hong Kong market place for many years and having good communication skills, I can creat a good and productive learning environment.

一對一學費每小時 $350 (在職人士,學生劃一收費,不二價)。

Tuition fee: $350 /hour. (one to one)

歡迎whatsapp咨詢 9282 9660                 或電郵

Please text me at 9282 9660                                            or email

I  look forward to hearing from you.

Shirley Yuen

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