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教學宗旨 尋畫舍提供一個鬆弛神經的地方,讓兒童、青少年、成年人通過藝術創作,培養好奇心,暫時放下沉悶的曰常工作,尋回一點生活樂趣,學做誠實、具創意的人。 本工作室設計特別藝術課程,教授技巧、藝術欣賞,同時也可以選擇獨立研習,工作室的藝術家會和你探討創作經驗、評論作品。 尋畫舍不祗傳授繪畫技巧、更希望通過藝術創作、發掘你的冒險精神,自我發現新技巧、培養獨立思考,認識自身價值。
素描課程  |  畫畫班  |  水彩  |  學畫  |  畫班
運用生活創作元素, 帶動創新設計與線條繪畫方式教學, 提升個人創作思考及繪畫技巧,令更多人對設計與繪畫產生濃厚興趣
畫畫, 創作, 繪畫, 藝術, LINE DRAWING, 創意生活, 線條繪畫班,興趣班
畫畫  |  創作  |  繪畫  |  藝術  |  LINE DRAWING
Industrial design,product design,2D,3D drawing,mold drawings, prototype production,CNC machining,rapid prototyping,RP.SLA,color injection,silk,screen.
Let's enjoy your life with foods, art and music! Let's relax after school or work!Welcome group gathering and private party,or one by one teaching please call us for details.
PapaArt is a lively place filled with light, color, music, and the warmth of a community sharing a space in which to explore the creative process.
設計及繪圖服務,平面圖,立面圖,3D效果圖 (3D Rendering, Detail Drawing)
油麻地 旺角 太子 頂級精品空間 精雕細琢設備: 冷氣.熱水爐.電磁爐. 雪櫃. LCDTV. 衣櫃 .廚櫃.大床. (optional)$$送 24小時無線寬頻上網 $$ 雙嬴優惠: 現金回贈: 凡於首次睇樓當日, 即時簽約起租, 即獲現金回贈: 高達$1,000 .你節省金錢,我節省時間 ~一舉兩得~ 全包(管理費+差晌),需要2個月按金,1個月上期租金, 一千元水電按金. 水電另計(水每度$
租樓  |  租屋  |  租樓免佣  |  套房出租  |  租盤
[門票出讓] [特價] Action Drawing HERO「英雄」塗鴉秀 9月15日 20:00 $250 連位門票
action drawing hero  |  korea  |  drawing  |  action  |  hero
急讓店中所有日本貨品, 由於本店將轉型, 故以低於批發價出售店內所有日本貨品Jelly Beans http://hk.88db.com/Buy-Sell/Clothing-Accessories-Shoes-Accessories/ad-5421745/更多貨品圖片請瀏覽我們的facebook專頁www.facebook.com/loftyqueenfashion有意者可到facebook in
Party Art & Craft,Painting & Drawing,Art Jamming,BakeryCakes & Cookies,Live Music
Cookies  |  foods  |  餅乾  |  蛋糕  |  蛋糕課程
展覽 / 室內設計/ 施工圖/ 3D Rendering(Vray) / Technical drawing / Exhibiton / Event / Booth / Roadshow
3D  |  booth  |  施工圖  |  technical drawing  |  rendering
LIFE™ Nutrition is a health and environmental conscious company originated from New York, USA.
Although we are a small service bureau. We are providing best quality services to serve our clients, and get their generous reference from some of them.
This half-day course (4.5 hours) equips healthcare providers with knowledge and skills to provide CPR and defibrillations with the use of automated external defibrillator (AED) for victims of all ages
our producing autoCAD drawing,marking and delivering precision scale architectural models for leading property developers and architects
提供專業繪圖服務,平面圖,立面圖,3D效果圖 (3D Rendering, Detail Drawing)
The company has been concentrating to develop the business in high precision metal stamping, such as the parts for mini motor, supporting racks and contact plates for electronic products and so on.